The EHS Girls Tennis Team gets NEW courts!

New Season, New Courts, New Start!


EHS Tennis Courts

Lina Abtouche

It has been two weeks since the Ewing High School Girl´s Tennis team received their new courts at Antheil Elementary school. For most of the season, the girls have played away matches at other schools within the Mercer County area, and after much anticipation, their courts were completed on October 3rd. The eight new Tennis courts not only serve for their purpose of being played on, but it provided the girls a place to call home. Going to other schools and enjoying their courts was alright, however, this team revolves around the morals of being able not only to enjoy playing, yet enjoy each other’s company. As sophomore Cassandra Knot puts it, “It feels like we finally have a place to call home.”. And this is true. Now the team can have a refined space to practice and grow closer as a family each day.

“It feels like we finally have a place to call home.”

As a first year member of the team myself, I did not know why we needed renovated courts. Senior and Captain, Olivia Ross, informed me that the old courts had to be removed due to a plan initiated as a part of the Ewing Public Schools 2019-20 budget to expand EHS parking space. In order to do that, they needed to remove the area that was taking up most of the parking, which in this case happened to be the Tennis Team’s courts. Luckily, another part of this plan was to build courts, but at Antheil Elementary. Now the team is transported by bus every evening after school and is picked up at the elementary school. This being my first year on the team, I do not have anything to compare to these new courts. Although, based on how awestruck my other upperclassmen teammates were, I would say that they are every tennis players dream. From the blue paint that fills the courts, to the fresh nets put up separating the baselines, and the fencing that splits the eight court nirvana into two areas containing four courts each. The girls are truly happy as well as thankful.

Having these new, beautiful, amazing courts, the team got to play their first home match of the season on Thursday, October 10th against Robbinsville High School. As the ball swung back and forth from each court, I felt liberated in a sense where I was not on my opponents court, but one that I may call my own alongside those who I knew were supporting me no matter if I won or lost. Coach Mosteller told us after the match that winning has really no value if you cannot justify your purpose for winning. She added on that she only has three rules when playing, “Be a lady, take only as much as you can take, and remain humble.”. Sometimes as players, we tend to lose sight of our goals and focus on the competition. These courts were not only made for competing against teams, but learning from them as we go along conquering our obstacles and admiring our triumphs together, as a team, as tennis players.