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The Power of a Positive Mindset
The Power of a Positive Mindset
Michael Boadi May 30, 2024

In life things will be hard, rough and somewhat difficult for us to bear on our own. But that is why positivity has such profound significance in changing in our lives, and giving...

Genre Deep Dive - Shoegaze
Genre Deep Dive - Shoegaze
James Gummel, EHS class of 2025 • May 23, 2024

One genre that has dominated my headphones and listening habits over the last couple years has been Shoegaze. Unless you're an avid discoverer of music, this likely isn't even...

Getting Libertarianism Right- A Review
Getting Libertarianism Right- A Review
Shane Klemovitch, Class of 2026, Contributor • April 18, 2024

The book Getting Libertarianism Right is one of the greatest books for an introduction to libertarianism out there, despite its flaws. The book is written by Hans-Hermann Hoppe,...

A meal for for all you T-Birds and Pink Ladies!
Hidden Burger Gem! Blast from the Past
Katherine Lemus, Class of 2025, Contributor • April 18, 2024

This family owned restaurant in Langhorne, Pa Styled Burger has to be the cutest thing and closest thing to time travel near us. Only 20 minutes from Ewing, the restaurant...

In Rotation: MUNA by MUNA
In Rotation: MUNA by MUNA
Julianna Medina, Class of 2024, Contributor • April 9, 2024

MUNA is a queer, indie-pop band consisting of Katie Gavin (vocals), Naomi McPherson (rhythm guitar), and Josette (Jo) Maskin (lead guitar). The three extremely tight-knit friends...

The Culture Study: The Downfall of Reproductive Rights in America
The Culture Study: The Downfall of Reproductive Rights in America
Rebecca St Fleur, Class of 2024, Contributor • March 27, 2024

The United States of America, a nation once highly esteemed for its trailblazing progress, now finds itself regressing in basic freedoms. Reproductive autonomy stands central on...

Mekhi Stafford Blue Devil Track & Field NJ #1 and US Top 6
Return of… the Blue Flame Dance Team!
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