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Gender in Fandom
Gender in Fandom
Rebecca St Fleur, EHS, Class of 2024, Contributor • January 12, 2023

Part Ⅰ: Introduction A community that arises with fans that share a common interest is known as a fandom. This fandom can be for a book, band, TV show, sports team, and many...

Starting school before 8:30 AM may be a thing of the past with new NJ legislation.
Why School Should Start Later
Franc Romanowski, Contributor, Class of 2024 • January 5, 2023

It’s a familiar situation for many students. Rushing out of bed, taking a shower, getting some breakfast, hustling to get to the classroom, all before 7:45 AM. Yet most of the...

Music of 2022 - Best Releases
Music of 2022 - Best Releases
James Gummel, class of 2025, contributor • January 5, 2023

As per every year, many artists and bands have released fantastic LP's (albums), EP's (shorter albums), or mixtapes that sat at the top of people's lists. The way music evolves...

In 2018 a museum in  Brussels (inspired by a project developed by students at the University of Kansas) had an exhibition entitled What Were You Wearing which recreated outfits worn by rape victims.
The Internalized Misogyny Behind School Dress Codes
Rebecca St Fleur, EHS Class of 2024, Contributor • December 22, 2022
There is nothing inherently sexual about a shoulder or a knee or legs, but the oversexualization of women in our society has normalized that these body parts are taboo.
Abortion rights are still being protested in and around the world.
Roe Vs. Wade - Student Thoughts + Opinions
Evie Hawkins, EHS Class of 2025 October 21, 2022

Almost 50 years ago, on January 22, 1973, Roe vs. Wade took place in the Supreme Court, which legalized abortions throughout the nation. Now, nearly five decades later, the Supreme...

Picture by Jay Janner and Austin American-Statesman
A Woman's Choice: Abortion
Rebecca St Fleur, EHS Class of 2024, Contributor • May 25, 2022

Since the historical decision of Roe v. Wade 49 years ago, states and legislature only seem to be reverting to what it was before. The Supreme Court will soon be making a choice...

Gender in Fandom
Figure Skating On Thin Ice After Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
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