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  • April 19POAC Autism Walk for a Difference May 7, 11-2 pm @ FMS
  • April 19School closed for students on Tuesday May 3 for Eid al-Fitr
Kerplunk: Simple Garage Rock, or is it?
Kerplunk: Simple Garage Rock, or is it?
Julia Campbell, Contributor • April 28, 2022

Green Day's second album, Kerplunk, often stylized with an exclamation point, can be considered the last truly ‘indie’ Green Day release. The second of two albums released...

An in-game screenshot of my character in one of the major cities, featuring the most recently added Healer class, Sage, which is focused mainly on shielding members while healing.
Final Fantasy XIV Review
Kataliya Soontharothai, EHS, class of 2023 • April 20, 2022

Final Fantasy XIV. One of the biggest MMORPGs today, with even more players after every patch, never mind every expansion. Final Fantasy XIV has it all: an intricate, exciting...

EHS Students experience frustration at the bathroom turnstyles
The Bathroom Pass Debacle
Liam Mitchell, Contributor • April 19, 2022

Check in when you go to the nurse, check in when you arrive to school, check in when you go to ASYSST, and now… you have to check in when you have to use the bathroom?! Here...

The childishly named album features detailed artwork, in which one can find references to AC/DC and UC Berkeley.
Dookie: Green Day’s explosion into the mainstream
Julia Campbell, Contributor • April 19, 2022

An Introduction, or, Why Should I Even Care?   Fans are excited as Green Day have been teasing a new album, cryptically posting the number, “1972”, along with many...

So many students and youth go unnoticed when they are struggling with mental health issues.
Students Mental Health Declining and Schools Aren't Doing Much About it
Morgan Rutkowski March 3, 2022

Around 1 in 5 people under the age of 18 suffer from mental health issues. According to PubMed.gov around 80% of students aren't receiving the help they need from schools. "Assyst...

These are all books that Texas wants banned from schools. See as to how most of them feature minorities and/or queer leads
Banning Books and POC in Literature
Evie Hawkins, EHS Class of 2025 February 17, 2022

In today’s society, we have become more aware of the exclusion of people of color from modern day society (i.e. in books, movies, tv shows, etc). Now, compared to a few years...

Figure Skating On Thin Ice After Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
Girls Varsity Basketball team breaks 30 year drought
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