Seniors Represent the Decades


Senior Francis looks more like a member of the class of 1979, than 2019!

Ewing's Voice Staff

Decades day is always a popular spirit day with students.

This year Freshmen and Seniors could represent the 1970s-1980s while sophomores and juniors wore outfits inspired by the 1990s-2000s.

“What else would I wear?” said Philip Bassett, EHS class of 2020, who sported a Mario Bros. t-shirt, representing the enormously popular gaming franchise–one that all started back in 1983 as an arcade game.

Kelley Davidson, dressed in 80’s gear that would make a valley girl proud was helped out by her mom who recommended¬† she “put on blue eye shadow.”

Other favorite days are meme day (October 15) and pajama day (October 16).

The first spirit week of the year will conclude with the pep rally, Friday October 18.