The Downside of Love: an opinion piece

Love is stupid. Love is regret. Love is heartbreak. Love is death. And love is just a word. Love in my head is defined as the last place to find some type of enjoyment in life. Love is the lust for happiness. Yes you are going to say I can be happy and zealous with myself without having a partner to lean on. But by you saying that you are saying you don’t use them to make you feel better about your flaws, your awful traits, and your sad insecurities.

Life’s main purpose is to let you believe that you can be happy until it eventually dies. All love is meant for is to let you believe you are perfect and to let you believe you are somewhat decent. Love is temporary and love dies like yourself will. People may have gotten to the point of lets say an 80 year anniversary. They aren’t in love, they just lust for the same thing, happiness. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy but I am just trying to prove my point that love exists for a temporary source of therapy.

Love between two people can be ripped away in the span of seconds. Love is a fragile object that is tangible to all mundanes and creatures. It is always in reach, however that is not my point because my next point is that love can be ripped away with time and with distance. Your tolerance for the other person will fade over time and the distance between you two becomes unbearably painful and you become impatient. To sum it up forever doesn’t exist.