Netflix Shows to Watch When You Are Bored


‘Tis the season for binge-watching great shows. Check our our list for some highly entertaining T.V.

Icy rain is pouring down threatening snow, it’s cold outside, and your sitting in the house with nothing to do. You just finished a show on Netflix and now you’re looking for a new one, but you don’t know if any will interest you.

That’s what I’m here for here for. Whether you’re with your friends or not. Or its a holiday or not. Here are some Netflix shows that might interest you!

“The 100”. This show is more of a sci-fi ,action ,mystery show. 100 kids get sent down to earth (after being in space for 97 years because of an apocalypse) to see if its inhabitable. They’re basically being sent down there to die. 

They end up finding out that earth is survivable. They go through this whole journey of trying to stay alive. They kill, they fight wars, they make alliances. Everything they do to live is for their own people it’s kill or to be killed .

One of the reasons why I like this show is because you really get attached to the action and the characters. You learn to love them and hate them at the same time. The fights and the certain things they do to live is really intense, it’ll have you jaw dropped.

This show consists of  a lot of characters, some you might recognize are: Alycia Debnam, she stars in “The Walking Dead” as well. Devon Bostick famous as Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid is also on the show.

They also have Australian actors: Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor. Marie Avgeropoulos, a Canadian actress, plays a significant role.

This show has five seasons with a sixth and possible seventh season on the way. You can watch all five on Netflix.  Season six will be be out in the spring 2019 and you can catch it on the CW.

The next show is “Jane the Virgin”. If you’re into drama and romcoms then this show is for you. This show stars Gina Rodriguez who plays Jane a 20ish latina. This show is based around a telenovela.

It’s about how Jane who gets pregnant after being  accidentally artificially inseminated by Dr. Luisa Alver, yet she’s a virgin. Sounds crazy right! After this her life takes a big turn- it really changes her. Her mom doesn’t want her to have the baby fearing it might ruin her life while her alba wants her to.

You follow her on her path of having her child and finding  out the dad is Rafael Solano (Luisa’s Brother) a guy who she use to have a crush on and semi dated when she was a teenager. But, who at the time had a wife Petra, all while Jane had a semi boyfriend, Michel. A love triangle forms between Jane, Michael, and Rafael, and this takes her every which way on who to chose.

I know its a lot of drama! I love this show because it’s really genuine you get to feel the characters’ emotions- they don’t hold back. In every episode there’s a surprise making you want more. This show has Justin Baldoni who if you don’t know is veryyyy handsome. Other stars include Brett Dier, Yael Grobglas, an Israeli actor, and Andrea Navedo.

If this show interest you you can catch all four seasons on Netflix with a fifth season coming out on the CW January 2019. This will also be the last season.

The last show I’m going to put out there is “Pretty Little Liars”. This is a crime, mystery, drama type of show.

Basically a summary of it would be four girls Hannah, Emily, Aria, and Spencer start to get terrorized by a person who texts them, they only go by the letter A when sending the messages.

These texts can go from making the girls drop a huge secret in their family , to stalking someone, or even killing a person!

They start to get these messages after their friend Alison goes missing.

Throughout the seven seasons they go through trying to figure out who’s doing this to them. Alison might or might not be dead. Friends betray each other. People die for knowing too much.

Along the way the four girls develop relationships with these guys who are always there for them and always trying to help.

Some of the characters you might know are Shay Mitchell who also starred in “You”, and Mother’s Day. She also has a movie coming out in theaters soon The Possession of Hannah Grace you might recognize Lucy Hale as well she played in the movie Truth or Dare and now has her own show on the CW (we love the CW!) called “Life Sentence”    

One of the reasons I’m interested in this show is because it gets you excited, scared, happy, it makes you cry. It triggers all of your emotions. It leaves you shocked when you find out one of your favorite characters betray you.Once i start I can’t stop watching.

You can catch all seven season on Netflix .

So, if you don’t have anything better to do with your life and are looking for binge-worthy T.V. you might wanna go check out these shows!