Mysterious basement under Ewing High


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Bringing a Ouija board into an already scary basement has crazy written all over it.

Lucas Vasquez, Contributor, Class of 2021

Whenever we walk on the grounds of Ewing High we tend to think we know the place through and through, every one of us heading to the gymnasium for the beep test or to the cafeteria for “good food”,  not knowing what network lurks beneath our feet.

“There’s like a whole labyrinth, it’s really cool, like a crawl space that you can crawl through, it’s creepy.” said Mrs. Monaco, EHS English and Drama teacher. 

 I decided to see for myself what mysteries lie down there so upon being given access the first thing I noticed about the place was how hot and stuffy it was. Give yourself a good twenty minutes and you’ll be indistinguishable from a morning jogger.

  “What’s down there is drama stuff, there’s crickets, you may find a dead animal.” Monaco said.

 Upon further observations, the entrance of the basement is constructed properly with a touch of Graffiti supposedly from past drama clubs. Miscellaneous item from drama, plywood, cables. The rest reaches as far back as the schools length with nothing but dungeon like soil that makes you regret wearing white shoes and crusty pipes stretching the width.

“If you keep going back you’ll find it’ll get like a tunnel essentially. But it’s really fun down there and…gross too.” Monaco said.

Upon further investigation, I managed to crouch my six-foot-one body into the void of darkness lit by my flashlight. I managed to stumble upon a “room” of sorts with three distinguishable aged chairs that probably dated back to 1955 when the school was first opened.

I managed to relocate myself to the main part of the basement till I stumbled upon a green container, inside the container I discovered some early 2000’s video tech and not one but two Ouija boards. Now this raised questioning.

Why the heck would someone need to bring two Ouija boards into the school and what was their intent? Superstitious or not people shouldn’t be screwing around with these things for safety purposes.

Upon other investigation, I found myself entering the western portion of the basement were I found there to be furnaces, chairs, windows, mirrors, and a door that either leads outside or into the school. I was tempted to open but in fear of being busted I declined entering.

Upon finally finding my way to get into the basement there’s one thing Monaco said. “There’s always a loophole, that’s always something we can learn in life, find the loophole.”

Considering my decline from multiple people that had access, I say that’s pretty spot on.  Just because people say no–it doesn’t mean not ever, it might just means not right now.