Top Ten Benefits of Running

Lucas Vasquez, Class of 2021, Contributor

Whether you compete in races or just for recreation, the art of running develops many benefits to the human body. Here are 10 of the most effective benefits of this form of locomotion.

  1. With running comes the strengthening of your lungs and lung capacity from logging mile after mile
  2. Helps prevent high blood pressure
  3. Weight control
  4. Relieves Stress
  5. Increases bone density
  6. Overall mental heath, Runners are happy people
  7. A running high is the strongest type of high you can get
  8. Decreases heart related deaths by 45%
  9. Prevents age related muscle loss
  10. Improves flexibility of the joints

With all these benefits you’ll find that every step you take, every mile you make, it will transform you into a healthier, happier, and more productive human being than before.