American Horror Story: More Than Just Horror

American Horror Story: More Than Just Horror

Mya W., Contributor

All of the shows and films I have watched during my journey through the vast wonderland of a entertainment-service known as Netflix, I have watched a show that was as gut wrenching and captivating as American Horror Story. This show consists of eight seasons that have a horror filled plot, an unusual set of characters (witches, vampires, psychotic murders, and freaks of abomination) and settings that take place in different time periods but most importantly there’s an overall connection to each that makes the show binge worthy of all eight seasons.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (a famous American franchise based around the comics and superheroes developed by creator Stan Lee) add hints and extra credit scenes at the end of each Marvel movie to hint of a much bigger event happening that ties all of the movies together (all of the previous end credits showing scenes of Thanos to hint of the two-part movie Infinity War). American Horror Story also uses this same technique to link all of their seasons together to hint all of them being united in one way.

Asylum when seeing the pin-headed shaped freak named Pepper (in season two) who was a patience of a church owned asylum called the Briarcliff Manor. Her backstory was told to the audience as the reason she was put in there is because she murdered her the daughter of her older sister and her husband. Later on in season four (Freak Show) we learn that after Elsa, owner of the Freak Show, (Jessica Lange) dropped her off to live with her older sister, she was framed for the murder by her sister but because she wasn’t able to defend herself due to her hideous appearance, she was taken away to Briarcliff.

Let’s take a rewind back to the very first season of the show (Murder House) where a cheating psychologist and his wife along with their daughter Violet move to a house containing the souls of those who were lived and died there before, the family not only tried to spend their time at the house escaping death but also a birth of a child that would lead to the end of the world (in the current season). Fast-forwarding back to season eight (Apocalypse), it is revealed the same baby who Vivian birth to grew up to become an uncontrollable force of evil with not only his dark magic to help him but his evil mindset to guide him basically the anti Christ.

“They’re all connected. We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected. They’re all very separate but there are clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined,” Ryan Murphy (the creator of American Horror Story) confirmed during his interview with Entertainment Weekly.