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Nail Trends for Year Round

October 29, 2018

Have you ever found yourself staring at a wall of nail polish trying to figure out which color would fit you best? What color would be best for a certain time of year? What color would make you look cute? Whether it’s summer, winter , spring, or fall I have you covered. If you can’t decide what to chose hopefully after reading this you’ll know.

We’re going to start off with winter time. Now during this time of year we don’t want nothing too colorful and bright, but we still want it to be eye catching. We want more dark colors. A charcoal grey, burgundy, midnight blue, taupe, a mossy green, a deep forest green, black (of course), and a wine purple.

These are great go to colors for winter time. You can add metallic covering to some of these colors like the greens and purple if you want something more. Also a pretty silver or glitter black would look great. If you really want to get in the spirit you can add designs like a snowman or glitter snowflakes, evn little dots representing snow. You can even get a matte coating on top of your nails, that dry look is really cute for winter.

Moving on to spring. It’s such a beautiful time of the year. The green grass and beautiful flowers blooming. It’s very colorful. For this time you want to go with more softer and pastel colors. Nothing too popping but nothing too dark. The colors you want are baby pink, baby blue, lilac purple, light grey, peach, and lime green.

For this time you can do flower designs-spring is such a festive time just those festivities and put them on your nails, you can do a Easter theme. A pretty combination would be the light grey with a nice yellow and nail with daisy on them. You can also add white glitter. Your nails should be light sweet and glossy. It’ll give you spring feeling

Now if you’re looking for a color around summer time. This is your time to be popping ok! Make sure you stand out honey. You should definitely go with something bright! Turquoise, hot pink, yellow, light orange, light purple even neon colors are pretty for summer. These colors are really vibrant and outgoing. Trust me someone will notice and comment on them.

Summertime is nice and bright time of year. So your nails need to be nice and bright. You can also add some detail and add a gold glitter on a nail. Add some designs like holographic, palm trees a sun. Also DIAMONDS are a yes! Adding the mini rhinestones are so bomb. You can even do a bright ombre sunset type of nail. These colors will make sure you’re set for summer.

Last but not least- FALL! Now you wanna go back to more of the darker colors. Bloody red , dark olive, smoky teal, opaque neutral , and brown are nice for fall. Some dark glitters like orange are nice. You can do the red with a neutral nail and some kind of gold nail. I didn’t say this for the colors but medium orange is also a go. A design you can go with is marble. Now this can be used for all season but with the right colors like a brown and white and the rest brown nails would be perfect..

The price for nails can vary depending on what you want. If your going for acrylic it can be between 20 and 30 dollars for a set. If you want a refill which is just getting your nails touched up it’s usually 15 dollars. Coffin is the best shape to go with because it’s very slick and cute. If you wanna go for something more long stellio is the way. Those are claws right there. If you don’t want nothing too much maybe a oval is better, it’s more soft and sweet.

I must warn you though be very careful with your nails, especially if there long. If you’re too rough with your hands and you hit them on something your nail can break. Let me tell you- it hurts like hell. IF they are more shorter you don’t have much to worry about, but still be careful.

If you want a long lasting nail you should get gel polish. It dries really quickly and you don’t have to worry about your color messing up. It is more expensive though, it’s usually an extra 10 or 20 dollars depending on where you go. Gel is better if you’re in a rush you don’t want to sit in a dryer.

Other then that you’re set to go. I hope this helps. Make sure those nails are popping!

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