Mass shootings in the past 5 years and how they have advanced


Madison Charles, Class of 2026, contributor

According to the gun violence archive there have been 163 mass shootings so far in 2023, which is more than the amount of days that we have had. According to GVA there have been more than 30 mass shootings in the US in the first 17 days of April alone.

The gun violence archive also tracked more than 647 mass shootings in 2022 and 690 in 2021. There were 612 in 2020 and 417 in 2019. As the years grow, the mass shootings seem to be getting worse or not changing at all.

A recent shooting in Dadeville, Alabama at a sweet 16 birthday party had 4 killed and 28 injured, the suspected victim has not been found. In 2019 in El Paso, Texas, 20 people were killed and dozens injured in a shooting at a shopping mall.

According to, the increase of mass shootings coincided with gun violence during the pandemic. Mass shootings went up during the pandemic and they have remained high since.

According to, US gun sales reached a record of 23 million in 2020, which is a 65% increase from 2019 and it remained high in 2021. 

“There should be more background checks on guns and then repeated testing after you get it, so that incidents like the Alabama shooting don’t happen” said Hailey Zoltanski, EHS class of 2026.

Many students feel there needs to be more regulations when it comes to gun sales.

 “There should be strict laws regarding the sales, just like somebody shouldnt be able to walk into a store and buy a gun, there needs to be rules, laws set in place so the wrong person can’t just walk in and grab a gun and shoot up the school.” said Aisha Akindele EHS class of 2026.

If you are a student and you want this to change, try and help gun violence change then you should visit the link to try and give your voice/opinion on the matter.