How to Help the Earth on Earth Day!

The laziest ways to be environmentally friendly!

How to Help the Earth on Earth Day!

Hailey Zoltanski, Class of 2026, Contributor

Bees are buzzing on the blooming flowers as a cool breeze brushes by, that’s right it’s finally spring. And on April 22 it’s going to be Earth Day.

Although people aren’t always environmentally conscientious (myself included) it’s important to try to help the environment when you can. 

Some ways that you can do this are:

  • Use the browser Ecosia
    • Ecosia is a browser that plants a tree each time it is used.

After being asked to use Ecosia Emily Guzman, EHS class of 2026 said, “It’s just a browser? Yeah, that’s easy, I’ll use it.” 

  • Be sure to recycle
    • Recycling seems easy until it’s actually time to recycle, try to be more mindful as you toss out your garbage in a non-plastic bag. 

“I will recycle… I always recycle,” said Emily Guzman, EHS class of 2026 after being asked if she would recycle for Earth Day. 

  • Unplug items you’re not using
    • Unless the object in the outlet needs to stay… take it out! 
  • Make sure to turn off the lights
    • Easy to forget but essential to remember, instead of wasting electricity make sure to turn off the lights.

“I turn off all my lights… I can’t say the same for my fan though.”Emily Guzman, EHS class of 2026. Start your own garden

  • No Earth Day article would be without this cliche piece of advice if you have the time and the materials… plant a garden!

“I grow my own tomatoes, basil, pepper… it’s delicious,” said Kelly Masterson, EHS English Department.

  • Composting
    • If you start a garden you might as well compost, and use the left scraps instead of throwing them in the trash. 

“I use anything I can. Coffee grinds go in the compost, banana peels, paper bags, eggs shells… any kind of leftover fruit or vegetable.” Ms. Masterson continued. 

You don’t have to help to the environment, but if you can help you should. These are the quick and easy ways to make the Earth greener.