Winter Spirit Week Daily Challenges


Spirit Weeks are a fantastic way to break up the drudgery of the school year. They are a way to have fun at school–yes, that can really happen– and they offer a chance to create some life-long high school memories.

This year’s winter spirit week will kick off Monday, January 9 and continue all week long with the week’s event culminating in a pep rally on Friday, January 13!

Monday, January 9
Spirit Week begins with Monochromatic Monday! The ides is to choose one color and to wear as much of that color as you can–head to toe if possible! Feeling blue? Wear the color. Just love green? Rock your color. Want to impersonate Barney, well then go purple friend!

Tuesday, January 10
Do you have a favorite teacher? Do you just love a nice jacket with elbow patches–sometimes called professor’s patches? Well Tuesday is teacher-student swap day, so you get the opportunity to dress like a teacher and teachers will get the opportunity to dress like you! This day always makes for some hilarious interpretations!

Wednesday, January 11
On Wednesday you have the opportunity to dress really old or really young because it will be Toddlers vs Seniors Day. Powder up that hair or pull out some baby gear but get ready for a fun Wednesday!

Thursday, January 12
Character day is always a popular spirit day! You have the opportunity to dress up like your favorite TV, film, literature, comic book, or video game character. The more unique the better!

Friday, January 13
Don’t be scared that it’s Friday the 13th- just be ready for Blue and White day! Students in grade 9 and 12 wear BLUE and students in 10 and 11 wear WHITE. Friday will also be our Pep Rally day. Events for the pep rally will be finalized on Thursday. If you are interested in participating see your class advisor to sign up for games!

Let’s not fall victim to the mid-year boredom, let’s make this winter spirit week one we’ll all remember!