Ukraine and Russia

A conflict that has shaken the world.



A conflict threatened for months by the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin. Now it is unfolding in what seems like a war between two nations, but in reality it is the beginning of a dictatorial overreach. The panic that people have from the events are not only from the Russian forces, yet the possibility of Ukraine not being the only European nation that Putin seeks. What global leaders fear is another World War and a catastrophic conflict between powerful nations that could lead to democracy’s demise. 


Before we get into that, however, it is important to understand how the world even got here and why we see many Ukrainians now displaced from their homes. In November 2021, there is satellite imagery of Russian forces gathered near the Ukrainian border. Kyiv says there are about 100,000 troops in total. A month later, President Biden addresses increasing tensions by threatening Russia with Western sanctions if they were to invade. In the same month on December 17, 2021, Russia proposed that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) cease all military activity in Eastern Europe and not accept any former Russian ally. 


Russia and the United States attempt to have diplomatic talks in Geneva, Switzerland when January arrives. However, they prove to go nowhere as neither side is willing to compromise on their demands. By the end of January, many nations start to evacuate non-essential workers out of Kyiv. 


Putin and his allies, including UN Russian envoy Vasily Nebenzya, deny that there will be an invasion. Instead they propose to continue talking with the West whom they frame as neglecting their demands. 


On February 12th, a final conference was held before Russia attacks Ukraine on the night of February 24, 2022. The people of Ukraine would wake up to a new reality, one that was uncalled for and the world would now have to reckon with the implications behind this war. 

Beginning of War

At the time this article is being written, Russia and Ukraine have been fighting for at least four days now. There have been at least 14 innocent children killed and at least 1,000 injured on the Ukrainian side. President Zelenskyy has asked for the US to aid his country and has even proceeded to sign an application to be admitted into the European Union. 

The US did say that they would help along with the NATO allies. However, the thing hindering them is Putin’s threat of imposing an onslaught of consequences and using nuclear weapons against the nations if anyone were to interfere with the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. This would in turn trigger a global war which the United States and other global powers want to avoid. Russia may have the upperhand right now, but with Western nations limiting finance and trade being halted in multiple countries, it will soon start to feel the pressure and the cost of taking Ukraine. 

Many innocents, women and children who have escaped without their male counterparts, are now refugees in European countries where aid is provided. They may never see the ones they love ever again and the men that have gone to fight have chosen to defend their country in honor. This conflict is all for what exactly? Leaders who choose to inflict war on a country for the sake of their political ideology. The world is on edge as NATO is conflicted about what to do and to make sure peace is maintained amidst these tumultuous events. Below are links to check out to help Ukrainian refugees and support the cause. More information will be provided as new developments arise. 


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