Does the Music We Listen to Affect Our Personality?

Research has found positive connections between our emotional well-being and music.

Research has found positive connections between our emotional well-being and music.

Raven De Vine

Does the music we listen to have an effect on our personality?

 Now I was curious about this so I decided to do some research and here’s what I found.

According to a study done at Heriot-Watt University, in the UK, researchers found there is indeed a link between music preference and personality.  Researchers looked at 36,000 participants with various music tastes.

The researchers asked participants questions in regards to music genres as well as questions such as how the participants would describe themselves. This is how the researchers determined the connection between our behavior and our taste in music. 

But think about it, how many times a day do you listen to music? You listen to music when you’re happy, sad, bored, or just to boost your mood. 

In an interview with Psychology Today in 2011, Dr. Tomas Premuzic, a renowned psychologist known for his multifaceted approach to understanding the human brain says  “Me and my girlfriend have different preferences when it comes to music. Mainstream music is hard for me to digest”. 

Dr.Tomas Premuzic is a psychologist who specializes in personality-profiling and human behavior .

In movies, music influences how you feel to try to get you to connect to the characters and the plot. Music in films is inherent to the mood of the film, whether the film is a horror or comedy.

Our moods are related to our personality .

The reason some people get defensive about their taste in music might be related to their personality and attitude because music is something that resonates with us  and when somebody judges your music they feels like they’re being judged.

The research found that people who listen to pop music are more likely to be extroverted and hard-working. People who listen to Rap or hip-hop are linked to higher self-esteem and being outgoing but it’s also associate to aggression.

People who listen to Indie music are typically introverted, sensitive and intellectual but it’s harder for them to get motivated.

If you listen to rock or alternative music now what this one you would think because of the stereotype of aggression  but actually researchers found that it’s quite the opposite. They tend to be gentle creative and introverted but they found that typically they have a lower self-esteem . Did you learn something about your self from this article? 

Now that everyone feels called out let me just point out that the study obviously doesn’t fit everybody’s personality.