Millions of Muslims Detained in Concentration Camps


Rebecca St Fleur, Class of 2024, Contributor

For over the last four years, millions of Muslims have been detained in concentration camps in China. The conditions these people live in are inhumane and it wouldn’t be a stretch to call this situation a modern-day Holocaust.

This situation has not been getting the coverage it needs and that’s because the Chinese government has been covering it up, resulting in innocent people suffering. The country has publicly called the camps, “vocational education and training centers.” But according to confidential Chinese government documents acquired by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that is not the truth.

The brisk reality is that these are camps with constant surveillance, thus preventing possible escape by the police. The Muslims also receive the harshest of punishments for their supposed wrongdoing. Gulzira is a Kazakh Muslim who was imprisoned in China’s Xinjiang region. When sharing her experience, she revealed, “If you exceeded two minutes in the toilet, they hit our heads with an electric prod.” Even stating that people at the camp couldn’t take the abuse, and had to make the unfortunate decision of taking their own life.

This is the largest mass incarceration of an ethnic group and yet the problem is not being solved. Spread awareness, because only 39 countries have condemned this clear violation of human rights.