Be Iconoclastic not a Conformist

Injustice series- Episode 1 Stand up for Injustice today

Throughout history, people of different races, gender, sexuality and religion have been targets of hate. Hate that stemmed from 1776 to 2021. Young children are affected even though people think they don’t know what is going on. A viral video exploded on the internet when 5 year old Simone Bartee, who attended a peaceful George Floyd protest with her mother and father was crying at the protest, a police officer asked her what was wrong. The 5 year old girl then proceeded to ask if he was going to shoot them.  Why does it take for a little girl like Simone to ask about her safety for people to realize that injustice is real?  

Since 2017, our world has erupted with so much hate. Some believe this escalating mostly with those who followed in support of former President Donald J. Trump, a person who showed numerous times disrespect toward people of color, different genders, sexualities and religions. He even targeted people with disabilities. (View video link below )  This man compared police who are killing innocents to golfers who ‘miss a 3-foot putt’, further proving that injustice against people with differences escalated even more with Trump and his supports.