Ewing’s Blue Devils Boys Basketball Taking Back CVC’s Finest Crown

DeMarco Lewis, Contributor, Class of 2024

Ewing High’s Junior Blue devils Boys Basketball team was at first going on a rough start going 2-3. But they turned it around going 4-3.

This season has been very slow due to COVID-19, making many teams miss two weeks of their basketball season. Luckily Ewing hasn’t missed any games due to COVID-19.

Their path to a successful season looks bright and hopefully they are going to go towards a successful season and box out COVID-19.

The team has some amazing scorers that can get to the paint with ease such as PG Hyshon Cannon and SF Kenneth Rankin.

Arguably the best Rebounders in the CVC, PF Dariyon Dogget and C Sebron Baker.

The Blue Devils have a great small guard standing at about 5’5 with defining Handles and a high arcing floater always touching just net with ease.

Blue Devils surprisingly do not get enough credit on their defense usually running a competitive 2 3 zone, DeMarco Lewis playing a smooth 6 7th man on defensive capabilities swapping back and forth with Dariyon Dogget on the top of the defense.

Key bench contributors have helped a lot, surely they can substitute the starters when they are lackadaisical.

Their first game kicked off in a loss against Allentown. Hyshon Cannon and Dariyon Dogget surely did what they could for the team.

The referee’s added tons of stress in a 5 point game at half time. The turnover of the game started in the late third after many charges were called and the Blue Devils could never come back from all the penalties, which resulted in the loss.

The momentum from those losses made Ewing go on a tear, winning against Hamilton High West twice, Hopewell, and lastly Steinert.

At first the season was difficult, the games, practices, and the chemistry were all difficult.

But the team later built energy and chemistry together and went to some games one.

Hopefully, Ewing can turn a full 360 and win double the games and then go off to championships.

Last year’s squad did average but this year’s team is a better team with all right capabilities to win many games.

My prediction for the Blue Devils is they will go on a good record, maybe over 10 games won, if they aren’t the best team in the CVC, certainly in the top 3. Best luck with their season.
Go Devils!