A Glimpse Into The Girls Basketball Season!!!!

The Girls Basketball leads finished the regular season with a 12-9 record.  The team saw challenges and their determination and dedication helped to overcome those hardships and bring the together at the end. Also the season has been fantastic. We have had some bumps in the road as any long journey has, but that’s what makes a team and a program come together and be the best we can be.

Team Senior Captain Jentle Sheridan has experienced a lot of success with the EHS team “ My best experience on the team was going to the Group 3 Championships sophomore year” but with many successes came challenges.

Another Team Captain Aaliyah Lewis felt like the January 24, 2020 game against Notre Dame was the hardest game of the season “We started off rough first quarter, couldn’t get our groove until the end.”

Even though Aaliyah feels like the main focus going through her mind was “How can we come back? What do we have to fix in order to catch up to the other team’s score. Getting back on defense, rebounding  and actually making my layups.”

New Coach Daniel Montferatt “Mr.Monty” sees the team going “As far as we want to, seeding the Mercer County Tournament and the NJSIAA Group 3 Central Section has just finished and we will be 6th seed in the MCT and the 7th seed in State Tournaments.”

Mr.Monty continued to say “Whether we are lost seed, we have to play everyone to win it and no matter who we play, we are going to give it our all.” Mr.Monty feels very proud for his seniors and also says “ Jayda Britton, Aaliyah Lewis, Jentle Sheridan, and Machaya Williams, have done a good job at being leaders in and off the court this season.”