5 Ways to Have a More Productive Winter

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5 Ways to Have a More Productive Winter

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Does your winter usually look like this? From home to school, school to home, and nothing more? Winter can be a sad and gloomy season, especially if you don’t have anything going on. Here are several ways to get moving this winter and escape the winter blues.

1. Join the Musical

It’s musical season! Do you have a knack for singing and acting? Do you play an instrument? Would you like to gain new experiences and make new friends? Then join Ewing High School’s musical. This year’s production is Legally Blond. If you like acting and singing, you can audition this November to be a part of the cast. If being on stage isn’t for you, consider being part of the pit. Or you can join Crew and help make the play better from behind the scenes. The first meeting will be held on Monday, November 5, 2018. If you can’t make it, then talk to the director Ms. Monaco, or Ms. B.

2. Join a Winter Sport

Theatrics isn’t everyone, but if you want to get involve this winter join a winter sport. Winter sports at Ewing High School include Bowling, Winter Track, Girls and Boys Basketball, and Winter Cheerleading. Informational meetings are at Coming up this November. Stop by the Atheltic Office for a sports packet if you can’t make it to a meeting.

3. Get Fit Challenge

Another way to stay active and productive this winter is exercising. I know, for many teenagers exercising doesn’t come to mind when thinking of how we can improve ourselves. Exercising regularly is an effective way to relieve stress, become strong and regular sleep. If your body is tired, you’ll find it easier to fall asleep at night. Try a 30-day workout challenge this winter and see how it changes you.

4. Read

No one needs to tell anyone that reading is important, because we already know. Reading has many benefits like relieving stress, expanding your vocabulary, and it can also be an easy way to get for ready for the SAT/ACT.

5. SAT/Act Prep

Getting prepared for the SAT/ACT is a task that everyone dreads, but it can be done easily and efficiently. 15 minutes a day on Khan Academy is all you need to start prepping for college entrance exams. Create a free account today and start studying. Khan Academy also offers lessons, video and written explanations about almost any topic regarding the SAT.

Thanks for reading, and if you find any of these tips helpful then leave a comment.