The People and The Election: An American Drama


The people of the United States have been voting in elections since after George Washington advised against the making of political parties. This year is no different, except there are not two candidates that are new to us but instead an incumbent President and a former vice President. There is also another factor to consider: there is a neglected pandemic. Whether or not you have been paying attention to politics over the past several months, you will see that it has become standard in our lives. The election of 2020, as the year already is, will be one that we have never seen before and will ultimately determine how the next four years will be for all of us as well as how the United States will be for our future generations.

The two candidates have a very intricate history whether that be in politics or in personal character. I am not here to tell you who to vote for, but rather to tell you that who we vote for is crucial to how we will be viewed as a country and our future generations that will come after us. This is less about which party we are on and more about who we are as people.

If you were to be written about in a history book years from now after you have voted or after your family has voted, would they be written in a manner that reflects their true values or would they associate you with someone who benefits only themselves while making a show of the people.

We are not actors in a reality show, but we are our own individuals. The person we must vote for is someone who has dignity and a presidential persona.

The election of 2020 will be remembered and it will show the competence as well as the character of the American people.

Vote wisely, vote for the soul of the nation, vote for a true President.

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